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Tournament of Hotties: TV Actors Round Two

Today we’re plowing forward with the TV Actors bracket, which proved to be an unpredictable and exciting beast in round one! Here are the current standings:

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You Probably Shouldn’t Be Drinking On A Monday Morning

Try the subway. Via Laughing Squid

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The Worst Accessories of New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion week has come to a close. Dull grey clouds hover over the Manhattan skyline. Tumbleweeds blow down the deserted streets only to get caught in piles of dirty slush. Models slowly retreat to their caves where they … Continue reading

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Your Boss Has a Cool Idea for a Reality Show

Looks like he’s got just about everything figured out. I just wonder why he’s looking for an assistant on Craigslist instead of sending you a 30-page email to announce that you’ve been promoted from within? C’est la vie. Of course, … Continue reading

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Balancing Guy is Very, Very Good at Balancing Stuff

I swear he is not carefully arranging any of those objects to stand on their own in mind-bending positions so much as osmotically transferring his own freakish balancing molecules into them and fusing them into place like an obscure X-Men villain (The Balancer? Balance-Borg? … Continue reading

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“Shut Up and Be Dead. I’m Busy.” Under the Dome Returns!

It’s back and it’s got me right where it left me: on my couch, chatting with Manners.  It’s not great, it’s not even that good, but Under the Dome is on CBS and I’m watching it.  Here’s a brief summary of … Continue reading

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