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A Rad Video Message From A Stranger Is Probably The Best Case Scenario After Losing Your Phone and Getting It Back

Hey Rob thanks for the inspirational words pic.twitter.com/MwI2pdn8kN — Megan (@megan_fogal) June 27, 2016   I’m just glad it didn’t end up in someone’s butt (I hope). Via Pleated Jeans

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Get Out Of Bed, Jabroni

Actor and almost Jake Johnson ouster Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is here to help you get up in the morning.  Your alarm clock?  Piece of shit.  Your Philips Wake Up Light?  Throw it in the trash.  The Fast and Furious … Continue reading

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A Fresh Set Of Legs For The Holidays

HM is a place to share ridiculous animal videos, but since it’s the Month Of Cheers™® I thought an uplifting story about a disabled canine would be more fitting.  Dog-lover Tara Anderson recently participated in the foster program Peace and Paws, … Continue reading

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Can We Talk About Poems For a Minute?

My favorite and most inspirational living poet is no longer living. Mark Strand, the brilliant, prolific American poet, died Sunday at the age of 80 from cancer.

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