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Killing Time Until The Next Exciting Activity

It helps to have a friend willing to put up with your nonsense. Via Tastefully Offensive

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Black Cat and Owl are Friends; Murder Mouse and Devour Carcass Together

Prepare to watch the tensest interspecies friendship video you will ever see. Are they friends? Are they?? I cannot be sure. I don’t trust either of them. (Also, black cat = Halloween.)

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This Is Normal Animal Behavior, Right?

Well if the lazy fuckers at the zoo aren’t going to take care of business, SOMEONE has to. Via Animals Media

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Dog & Tortoise = Best Buds

Earlier this week, when we learned the truth about that Weasel and Woodpecker joyride situation, my hope in interspecies best friendship was at an all time low. Thankfully this video came along to make me all happy again! Sheldon (omg … Continue reading

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Today In Interspecies Friendships

Oh, no big deal, it’s just a cat and a dog who fell in love and the dog is blind and the cat looks out for him and leads him around and whatever, I’m fine, this is totally fine, I … Continue reading

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Interspecies Friendship: Eerily Close To Home Edition

I dedicate this video to a very specific Monster. Via Neatorama

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Well played, BuzzFeed. Well played.

In a brilliant attempt at diversion from the recent plagiarizing scandal, BuzzFeed released on Friday an irresistible story of human-/canine-baby love, and it is magnificent. Brace your hearts and tear ducts for the photos and a must-see video. I think … Continue reading

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