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The New Year Has Arrived

It’s time to take down the decorations. Via Pleated Jeans

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The Next Evolution In Slap Bracelets

Earlier this year, we saw the resurgence of a familiar childhood fad.  This trend continues with a new product called Jambanz.  The silicone slap bracelets are outfitted with a Bluetooth speaker, allowing you to pump your favorite jams from a smartphone, … Continue reading

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Farmland Jam

Guess what, Norway?  You no longer have a monopoly on crazy animal noise songs. (Technically safe for work, but your co-workers might think you’re nuts) Via Laughing Squid

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Autumn Jam Alert: Chili-Related Wendy’s Employee Training Banger

Kudos to the Wendy’s songwriting department (also RIP, probably). They make the Brill Building look like the Grill Building, am I right? Seriously, though, this video is both highly danceable and highly instructive. The only part I take issue with is the … Continue reading

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The Jeff Goldblum Jurassic Park Laugh Remix We’ve Been Waiting for Our Whole Damn Lives it Seems Like

Cancel your appointments. Unplug the fax machine. Log out of Twitter.com. Send the kids to the in-laws’ house. Tranquilize your pet(s) with a potent yet non-lethal prescription-grade barbiturate. Wrap your phone in several scarves or old bedsheets until it is isolated within a … Continue reading

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Crunkest Summer J.A.M. in a Hot Minute: Black Bananas – “Physical Emotions”

I don’t have anything snarky to offer here, except to say that anytime someone who is still older than me makes “youth music,” I am both totally reassured and 100% on board. For you trainspotters out there, Black Bananas arose from the ashes of Royal Trux, which … Continue reading

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Doot doot do, doot do doot do

Ah woo-o, ah woo-o, ah woo-o, ah woo-o. And special shout out to “Not an Addict” by K’s Choice which I thought everyone had forgotten about but me. Oh, the 90s. Such a jam of a decade. (Via Slate)

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