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Have Some Fan Service

I don’t think I need to justify this to anyone here.

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Monster Community Pool – 9/24/2015

My pie came out okay.  I think I used too much flour, though. Good Burger, or goodest burger? Damn these depraved puppets! Brits! This is that prison episode from last season’s Community waiting to happen. I may go for a … Continue reading

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Monster Community Pool – 9/10/2015

This is the dream.  A pool with a view of the mountains. These two, amirite? October is just around the corner. Personal thought: I always thought butterbeer sounded disgusting. Another excuse to keep eating cereal. Well, my dream anyway…  

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Good Cop Bad Cop

I try to be careful and not add too many late night show clips as posts, but with this pairing, who can resist, really? Via The Tonight Show

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A couple summers ago my friends would play a game at our cabin called Mystery Shot. Shots would be poured for everyone, and based on what number you drew, that was the shot you had to take. Some of them were normal things … Continue reading

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Jack Black / Jimmy Fallon Sing “More Than Words”

When is Jimmy Fallon going to ditch the suit and just do a sketch show already? This duet with Jack “Talented Spaz” Black is right on the money, both weirdly accurate and uniquely theirs.  

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Who’s the Champions? We is.

I know right now the Patriots and all of New England think they are the champions, but the real champions are the two guys who plowed my parking lot last night and created a snow pile that is literally one … Continue reading

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BREAKING: Angels Come Down From Heaven to Fill Us With Holiday Cheer By Singing a Carol with Jimmy Fallon and The Roots

I’m here to answer any questions you might have, but I know there are a few that everyone will have, so I’ll just address those now.

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Jimmy Fallon and The Roots Play Family Feud

My only complaints are that they didn’t have a lightning round (or whatever it’s called) at the end because that’s always my favorite part, and that the contestants didn’t pose like hillbillies during the opening. I miss those hillbilly tableaus … Continue reading

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Good News

Our garbage world needs some good news like this.  

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