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Monster Community Pool – 9/8/2015

Welcome back! It’ll be hard to top Skyfall, but we’ll see. I guess Burning Man isn’t for everyone… Sorry, students Excellent, I could use something for the rat infestation in my home. Anyone do anything fun over the long weekend?

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Monster Community Pool – 6/30/2015

One can never have enough greenery. Feel free to talk about this some more Hahaha Trebek I propose starting a Kickstarter campaign to keep Robert Zemeckis alive forever Savor that extra second today SAVOR IT!  

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Another Seriousgum (Serious Monster…?) Interlude

This is a long, angry rant from John Oliver, but the situation in Ferguson continues to warrant long, angry rants (Amnesty International is sending in a team to the United States for the first time, which really says it all), … Continue reading

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Best Wishes from POM Wonderful

In which John Oliver reads the most beautifully crafted “F You” letter ever devised by a corporate hivemind. (This clip is more than two weeks old, which means you can see Internet Dinosaurs roaming the background, but hopefully most of … Continue reading

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