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Welcome…. To Jurassic Park?

  That’s a big ass reptile. Via Pleated Jeans

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Monster Community Pool – 6/18/2015

Work be damned, I’m going swimming!* The makeup makes this prank work. Apparently Netflix can make a man lose his mind. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Disney isn’t feeling the trilogies lately. *Just kidding, I’m an adult.  

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Just A Normal Truck Haul

There are two things you never want to be stuck behind in traffic: A stinky truck This Via Neatorama

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ZOMG Jurassic World Trailer!!!

Only 198 days to go!!!

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The Jeff Goldblum Jurassic Park Laugh Remix We’ve Been Waiting for Our Whole Damn Lives it Seems Like

Cancel your appointments. Unplug the fax machine. Log out of Twitter.com. Send the kids to the in-laws’ house. Tranquilize your pet(s) with a potent yet non-lethal prescription-grade barbiturate. Wrap your phone in several scarves or old bedsheets until it is isolated within a … Continue reading

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Jeff Goldblum, how do you do it?

Confusing. Here is Jeff Goldblum–basically a string bean with ears, certainly thinking dirty things while licking his lips, pausing and emphasizing oddly, wearing those weirdo clear glasses that I cannot make a decision on–singing the JP theme song in a … Continue reading

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The Guardians Of The Galaxy Music Tour Continues

Apparently the musical talent doesn’t end with Vin Diesel.  Chris Pratt sat down with the hosts of the satellite radio show The Whoolywood Shuffle to talk about the current blockbuster, as well as the upcoming Jurassic World, and that whole Orlando … Continue reading

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