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Spooky Happenings

It’s almost here, All Hallows’ Eve. Are you dressing up? Will you take any youngsters trick-or-treating? For me, the answer to both of the questions is a resounding “No!” I will in fact be home on my couch catching up … Continue reading

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Let’s get through this week somehow

We’re going to get through this week somehow. My birthday is on Friday so I’m very much looking forward to a pitcher or two of margaritas as my light at the end of the tunnel. In Keanu news, Dwayne “The … Continue reading

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Tuesday TV (and Movie) Talk

Big news yesterday: John Wick Chapter 4 has a release date of May 21, 2021. Who’s seen chapter 3? Loving John Wick is basically my number one defining personality trait at this point so I was there opening night. What … Continue reading

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TKP©®™: Destination Wedding

OK here we are at last! I’ve been dropping hints about this movie since I saw an early screening last year. I walked away the first time with a negative impression. However! They did tighten it up a lot in … Continue reading

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TKP©®™: Siberia

Keanu has a few movies coming out this summer! One of them, Siberia, dropped last week, bypassing the traditional theater route and appearing directly on digital with zero fanfare. You don’t need to still be paying off student loans on … Continue reading

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Tournament of Hotties: The Final Battle

AHHHHHH! We’re down to our final two hunks! It seems like just yesterday there were dozens of hot men vying for our love. It seems fitting that it has come down to the husbands of two of our own.

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Tournament of Hotties: Round Five

We’re down to the final four! Can you believe it? In just a week we’ll be voting for the winner of the whole damn tournament! But for now, let’s check out the results of last week’s matches.

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