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At Some Point You’re Going To Have To Do This Stuff Yourself

  Though you may not want to do it at all. Via Business Insider  

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Who Wants To Buy An Easy Bake Oven For Four Times The Cost?

Another flawless idea from the house of great ideas. Via The Verge

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Your Toast Is Shit Because It Can’t Give You Today’s Weather

Kickstarter: Trying to make sliced bread sexy since 2009. Via Laughing Squid

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Please Tell Me You Guys Have Your Limits

Cats are dandy and all, but come on, now. Via Bored Panda

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Go Ahead And Throw Your Keyboard In The Trash

For decades, we’ve been using mundane input devices to control our computer.  Any dullard can press a series of buttons labeled with the alphabet or a small plastic mound named after a rodent.  With the Makey Makey Go, you can turn anything … Continue reading

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The Kickstarter To End All Kickstarters

Let’s face it, not everyone needs a fancy smartwatch or another Zach Braff movie.  However, everyone farts, and for some people, it’s an uncontrollable problem that drives them away from social interactions.  One solution is to keep a food journal … Continue reading

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Monster slumber party with TLC!

BREAKING NEWS, TLC is kickstarting their new (and final) album. They’ve nearly doubled their goal, but there is still some neat stuff left, including a TLC onesie (YES PLEASE), a DVD of TLC dance moves, and a sleepover with Chilli! … Continue reading

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A Ballsy Approach to Music

The connection between food and music has been explored through food festivals and music blogs, but a group of students from the Hyper Island school in Stockholm, Sweden have taken a different approach to the pairing.  Beatballs is an online service … Continue reading

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Now That The Veronica Mars Movie Has Been Released…

…it’s time for the next Kickstarter movie you all have been waiting for!  And by “you all,” I mean “James Mercer’s bank account”.

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