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The Darkest Timeline

At least he doesn’t have to suffer through another year of disappointment. Via Laughing Squid

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My Not So Glamorous But Very White Recap Of The 88th Academy Awards

The mother of all entertainment awards graced our TV presence last night.  With the emphasis on the #OscarsSoWhite controversy, show MC Chris Rock focused most of his material on diversity in Hollywood.  I felt that while many of his points … Continue reading

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Monster Community Pool – 11/3/2015

More power to those of you who do it, but I absolutely, positively REFUSE to work out in the morning. I guess some people didn’t have a successful Halloween. NERDS Is this guy Leo’s Jessica Chastain?  (Or Leo’s Bryce Dallas … Continue reading

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Gossip of the Week: Gross Edition

Founding member of the Pussy Posse (ew. sorry. gross), Leonardo DiCaprio has grown a beard: We know this.  But what we don’t know, necessarily, are his beard grooming habits!

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Leo, Marty and Bob Take On Advertising

[Unfortunately, YouTube took the video down, but you can still watch it here: http://bcove.me/ophqjzzc ] Enjoy this teaser trailer for a short film releasing Spring 2015. The film is a big fat advertisement for two casinos in Philippines and China, … Continue reading

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What is Going On Here? (Caption Contest?)

I’m just going to be blunt, you all.  I think Leonardo DiCaprio has lost his damn mind.  All the supermodel dating, serious movie making, not Oscar winning has warped him and here’s what we’re left with: So let’s have a … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Apartment Amenities

My boyfriend, Leonardo DiCaprio, just shelled out big money for a new place to woo supermodels apartment in a New York City. This one of a kind building brands itself as “the first Wellness Real Estate Residence in the world.” … Continue reading

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Leonardo DiCaprio Prepares for Oscar Weekend

Leonardo looked into the antique mirror in the master bathroom of his mansion. His hair was styled perfectly, his skin was flawless, and his facial hair had never looked more beautiful. But there was a sadness in his eyes, a … Continue reading

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Tell me about your first (or biggest) crush

It would’ve made more sense to post this on Valentine’s day, but I didn’t think of it then! Let’s talk about our first–or, if not the very first, the most intense–crushes, celebrity or otherwise. Don’t ask why. I have my … Continue reading

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