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Monster Community Pool – 6/16/2015

Apparently the “real feel” outside of my office is 108 ° F. The man is so charming he doesn’t even need car insurance. LIIIIIIFETIIIIIIIIME!!! I always enjoy a good celebrity game outing. I generally don’t agree with him, but I probably would … Continue reading

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Lifetime Just Can’t Get Enough

This is hysterical! RT @HOLLYWOOD 'The Unauthorized ‘Full House’ Story' airs Aug 22, 2015 on @lifetimetv #CutItOut pic.twitter.com/SklF1tEurl — Dave Coulier (@DaveCoulier) June 4, 2015 I can deal with the existence of Fuller House, since I don’t have Netflix and … Continue reading

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The Holidays Are Upon Us

Now that the Month of Scares™ is behind us, it’s time to focus on the next batch of holidays, namely Thanksgiving and Xmas.  In their grand tradition of excellence, Lifetime has given us a trailer for the next great family … Continue reading

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