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Too Much Of A Good Thing? I Doubt It

It’s been a rougher week than most.  I think a 24/7 stream of kittens should help. Via AV Club

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Maybe You Don’t Need To Livestream Everything

Still having fun, buddy? Via Telegraph

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Watch What Happens Live

Last night, I watched the two-part episode of New Girl, where Schmidt and Cece partook in their respective bachelor/bachelorette parties.  On the ladies’ side, Jess had a simple plan: get high and watch Anne of Green Gables on what presumably … Continue reading

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What Are You Having For Lunch? Answer: Not This Particular Burger!!!

Back in 2009, the last McDonald’s in Iceland closed. But out of this tragedy something glorious arose thanks to Hjörtur Smárason who bought a burger and fries and then left the meal on a shelf in his garage. To not … Continue reading

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