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Jimmy Fallon and The Roots Play Family Feud

My only complaints are that they didn’t have a lightning round (or whatever it’s called) at the end because that’s always my favorite part, and that the contestants didn’t pose like hillbillies during the opening. I miss those hillbilly tableaus … Continue reading

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He Talk Turkey…He Talk Turkey Real Good

The joy of this clip is obviously infectious, but what do you think he’s inadvertently┬ásaying that has the turkeys so riled up? “I can’t believe you walk around all full of giblets like that. Gross!” “I am┬ájiving you and there’s … Continue reading

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Baby Laughing at Silly Cats

If I ever have children, this video will be my Dr. Spock. Baby + unending loop of kitten fail YouTubes = well-adjusted adult. That’s just science.

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