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What are you eating for lunch?

And how is your day? Mine is frustrating but not terrible. Remember when someone discovered this whole stock photo meme of women laughing alone with salad? Those were simpler times. All I’ve eaten today is an avocado because I need … Continue reading

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Why Does Netflix Want Me to Watch Polar So Bad? And What’s for Lunch?

Today’s lunch features gluten-free chicken nuggets with roasted vegetables. One of my easy go-to lunches. Netflix really, really wants me to watch Polar. The trailer runs every time I bring up the app on my TV. I don’t want to … Continue reading

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So, How Was Your Day?

Mine went by super fast, which is always nice for a work day. How Was Your Day Bonus Round: what are you having for lunch? We haven’t had a lunch post in awhile. Also, if your lunch is unsatisfactory, tell … Continue reading

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Lunch Chat!

It’s been a dog’s age since we had a lunch chat, so let’s have one now! What are you guys eating for your midday meal? I made chicken tikka masala in the crock pot this weekend, so I’m eating that. … Continue reading

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Lunch Chat!!!

It’s been a year (lolololol) since we had a lunch chat, guys. So tell me, what are you chowing down on today? I have cheese and crackers and goldfish, because I am a child.

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Lunch Chat

What are you having for lunch today? And what else is going on with you? Let’s chat, and pretend that I’m not just putting this up as a placeholder because I’m too busy to make a real post today.

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