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I’ll Have One Of Those

I assume they’re infused with whatever gives that guy his powers. Via Pleated Jeans

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The Greatest Trick the Devil Ever Pulled Was Convincing the World Serious News Networks Exist

This video of a magic duo photobombing a Sky News segment has been around the internet for a couple of days, but it was recently revealed that it was totally staged. ┬áThe pair, known as Young & Strange, performed the … Continue reading

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So I guess this where you go after Hogwarts. Via Geek.com

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Jeff Goldblum, how do you do it?

Confusing. Here is Jeff Goldblum–basically a string bean with ears, certainly thinking dirty things while licking his lips, pausing and emphasizing oddly, wearing those weirdo clear glasses that I cannot make a decision on–singing the JP theme song in a … Continue reading

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Monday Open Thread

I’m probably on a plane at this very moment, but via the magic of the interwebs, here I am! Posting an open thread! *magician hand motions* Hopefully you all had a good weekend/day and I didn’t completely screw up the … Continue reading

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