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Catching up with Cumberbatch: The “I should have done this sooner” Edition

Hi all!  The last time I made an update to our file, it was summer, Sherlock was still in production, and Doctor Strange was just a far-away film.  My how time files!  There’s so much Benedict Cumberbatch news that I can barely contain myself! … Continue reading

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We Have a Trailer: Sherlock Edition

You guys…I’ll keep this brief.  This has been a garbage year.  You know it.  I know it.  And yet, the karmic gods have seen fit to grant me not one, but two new Cumberbatch trailers this weekend! First up: New … Continue reading

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Doctor Strange or Doctor Swoon?

Presented without comment: (Merry Christmas to me!!  So what do you think will be the plot, other than “Handsome Man stars in Magic Film”??)

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Big Time Spider-Man News

Yesterday brought some of the most important news a Web Slinger fan could possible hear.

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The Next Best Thing

Growing up without a limb must be one of the most difficult things to deal with as a child.  Engineering non-profit Limbless Solutions tries to make the experience more positive by enabling families to make their own limbs via 3D … Continue reading

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It’s Nothing But Superheroes, All The Way Down

Gird your loins: DC just announced it’s new lineup of superhero movies, ensuring that we will none of us ever be free from this onslaught. I wonder how long it’ll be before we all start measuring time in franchises instead … Continue reading

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A Speed Run Comic-Con 2014 Round Up

The nerd utopia/hellish landscape known as Comic-Con took place over the past weekend, bringing San Diego (and the internet) the latest news in the world of geek television, film, and other media.  There was a lot of information disseminated over … Continue reading

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So, how was your day?

This is going up a little early because I have stuff to do later (Stuff! It’s the worst!). My day was fine. My hair looked nice. Have you seen the new Guardians Of The Galaxy trailer? While I have a … Continue reading

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