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A Reasonable Opinion

Personally, I think her number is off by one. Via Stuff.co.nz

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Two Nightmares Spawned From This Video

“Damn it, I just lost my $500 camera, and I didn’t get the replacement plan!” “HOLY SHIT I’M IN THE MIDDLE OF A 10,000 FOOT DROP” Via CNET

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A Book Gimmick To End All Book Gimmicks

Given all of our recommendation posts and the upcoming book swap, I can safely assume many of this site’s followers enjoy reading.  I do not fall under this category (I stick to my magazines, newspapers, and the back of cereal boxes, thank … Continue reading

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Catering To The Belfie Crowd

If someone had asked me what a “belfie” was, I would say it’s a selfie taken in the capital city of Northern Ireland, Belfast.  That answer outs me as an old man, as it turns out a belfie is a … Continue reading

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Another Subtle Way To Photograph Yourself

Just when I thought I had exhausted my supply of selfie articles, I was presented with this gem.  For a mere $20, you can have your very own Selfie Brush.  This bristled wonder serves as a smartphone cover, which allows … Continue reading

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