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It’s Payday

Time to blow it all on hats. Via Pleated Jeans

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A Music Video For Today’s Economic Climate

Yesterday, the Federal Reserve announced that they would keep interest rates at their current, low levels.  While the American economy has started to pick up, the Fed decided not to raise rates due to a number of overseas issues, including … Continue reading

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What Songs Will You Put on Your $1,200 “Luxury” Walkman?

With apologies to FRQ, who already reported so deftly on the Consumer Electronics Show, there is still the small matter of the freaking $1,200 Sony Walkman ZX2. Obviously, we’re all going to be getting one of these (possibly two so we can … Continue reading

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Pet Profits

I know that some of us Monsters are also homeowners, so here’s a bit of information to consider.  The Perceval family in Australia recently put their home up for sale, and were able to secure a bid of $2,060,000.  But before … Continue reading

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Let’s Win the Lottery!

Last Friday I wrote a post about Jury Duty and then lo and behold Saturday morning our friend ArtDorkGirl received a jury summons in the mail. (Twilight zone music should be playing in the background of this post.) I am not saying I had anything … Continue reading

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