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Monster Mash

Hey monsters have you heard the news? Scott Lapatine, founder and EIC of Stereogum, announced on Twitter that he bought the site back. Many of us responded something to the effect of “bring back Videogum, you cowards!” and he liked … Continue reading

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Monster Dance Party

This time of year I’m about two things: sweater weather and getting my groove on to some hot, spooky party songs.  Who doesn’t love a good monster jam?  Only one problem – which one is the best?

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Monster Beauty Corner: October Edition

MONTH OF SCARES IS HERE MONTH OF SCARES IS HERE MONTH OF SCARES IS HERE!! (“Hey Summer,” you say, “didn’t you miss September’s Beauty Corner?” And to that I say, “Hush now child.”) Anyways, since this is the MONTH OF … Continue reading

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Women’s World Cup Sweepstake – The Draw

*drum roll please* The draw has taken place, and I can now reveal who you will be backing during the forthcoming Women’s World Cup in Canada. (Why yes, that IS a sexy model lady with nothing to do with football … Continue reading

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Homeless Monsters Women’s World Cup 2015 Sweepstake!

  OK, so FIFA are a bunch of money-grabbing shitbags, but that doesn’t mean we should totally overlook the fact that the 2015 Women’s Football World Cup kicks off on Saturday, 6th June, in Canada!

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It’s Time To Talk About MONSTERS. Non-Us Monsters, I Mean.

We talk about ghosts a lot here at HM–as we should; ghosts are important. But what about our own blog namesakes, monsters? Creatures? Cryptids? It’s their time to shine! What are your favorite monsters? Which ones freak you out? I’m … Continue reading

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What Type of Monster Do You Attract?

Buzzfeed, our go-to site for quality relationship advice, has designed an insightful, scientifically accurate quiz to help us with our love lives. Seriously: how can we expect to have a meaningful and honest relationship with a significant other if we don’t … Continue reading

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Doctor Who S08E04: Hey! Listen!

The Doctor is getting the TARDIS equivalent of cabin fever and much like any adult human (or humanoid) spending any amount of time alone, he’s been talking to himself a lot. But because he’s the Doctor, he decides that we actually … Continue reading

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