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Leave Me Alone, I’m Clearly Busy

There are three other rooms in this house.  Work on those. Via Tastefully Offensive Advertisements

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Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall

Come on, man, I just wanna go home and eat these eggs. Via Pleated Jeans

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How Do You Go To The Bathroom In That Thing?

Halloween is about 20 days away.  We’ll do an official costume post closer to the actual date, but for those who don’t have any ideas, I have one for you.  I mean, sure, it took over 1600 man hours to … Continue reading

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Park Elsewhere

There’s an eternal battle on the roads between cars and bicycles.  The balance is usually tipped towards automobiles, but once cyclist has had enough. Via Tastefully Offensive

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Your End Of The Week Affirmation

Don’t ever doubt yourself, you are a powerful individual.   When it comes to conquering obstacles such as, say, a pile of snow, some may struggle with this task.  But not you, my friend.  That snow is no match for … Continue reading

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