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TKP©®™: Destination Wedding

OK here we are at last! I’ve been dropping hints about this movie since I saw an early screening last year. I walked away the first time with a negative impression. However! They did tighten it up a lot in … Continue reading

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TKP©®™: Siberia

Keanu has a few movies coming out this summer! One of them, Siberia, dropped last week, bypassing the traditional theater route and appearing directly on digital with zero fanfare. You don’t need to still be paying off student loans on … Continue reading

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TKP©®™: To the Bone

Keanu had two movies come out this summer, both of which were written and directed by women. The first, The Bad Batch, appears to be a dystopian future tale about some castoffs living in the desert. There may or may … Continue reading

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TKP©®™: A Walk in the Clouds

Keanu Reeves has managed to be mega-famous over the last three decades while still maintaining his privacy and reputation. Can you name a single scandal involving him? I didn’t think so! I mean, I can, but I’m basically the most … Continue reading

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Holiday Movie Reviews are back! Episode 1: Christmas Mail…

Ha! So we had a quiet year last year (as in, I didn’t write any festive movie reviews) but this year, I’m going to make a concerted effort to actually create a few of these for your seasonal delectation. You’d … Continue reading

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The Weirdest Science

I wanted to write a movie review for you guys, but my time on this planet is limited and my review of ET is pretty much “the alien is creepy, the mom is a babe”. Plus I have a best-selling … Continue reading

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Watching Movies for the First Time: Star Wars

Being an immigrant from a poor family, my childhood was basically on par with your grandparents’. Lots of catching frogs, listening to dramas on the radio, and treehouse building. We didn’t have a colour TV until the turn of the … Continue reading

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