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The Keanu Project©®™

One of my best-kept secrets is that I really love Keanu Reeves. JKJKJK it’s not a secret, he’s my favorite topic of conversation. Just today I went to grab lunch and instead bought a magazine with him on the cover. … Continue reading

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Tourism For Weirdos: The Sundance Film Festival Day One

Hello everybody! How are you doing? Ha ha just kidding I know we’re all doing terrible because everything sucks right now. But in the midst of the nightmare engulfing our country day by day, the Sundance Film Festival is going … Continue reading

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Ghostbusters Trailer is here!

I think this looks so fun! Can’t wait to break out last year’s Venkman Halloween costume to wear to the theater. Now, let’s have a good old fashioned movie chat here. What other movies are you looking forward to? Any awesome … Continue reading

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Doctor Strange or Doctor Swoon?

Presented without comment: (Merry Christmas to me!!  So what do you think will be the plot, other than “Handsome Man stars in Magic Film”??)

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Have A Seat, It’s Time To Discuss Star Wars: The Force Awakens

This past weekend saw the release of the much anticipated next chapter of the super popular space opera known as Star Wars, i.e. Episode VII, The Force Awakens.   There has been a lot of hype for this movie, both because … Continue reading

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I watched Creed and so should you

I think I’ve made my love for the Rocky franchise pretty clear through the years that we’ve all been blogmates, so it shouldn’t come as any surprise to you that I watched the newest addition, Creed, in theatres on the opening weekend. … Continue reading

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A Ctrl+F For The Cinematic World

A few months ago, a friend and I ordered Tex-Mex for dinner.  He does not have the greatest constitution, so after the meal he proceeded to crack open a bottle of Maalox and drink it straight from the source.  That moment reminded me … Continue reading

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Apparently It’s Easier To Get A Star Wars Name Than It Used To Be

When Star Wars: The Force Awakens opens in December, we will be introduced to a number of new and exciting characters, including the one shown above.  What is his name, you ask?   Why it’s Ello Asty, a Resistance pilot with … Continue reading

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The Oscar Race for 2017 Has Begun

This is actually happening, people. Via CinemaBlend

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The Next Logical Step In One’s Career

Where does one go after playing the most well known fictitious advertising guru in the 1960’s?  THE FUTURE!  Jon Hamm is looking to star in Marjorie Prime, a film about an aging violinist who maintains her mental acuity by interacting with … Continue reading

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