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Doctor Who S09E06: The Knightmare Is Dark And Full Of Terrors

Back in horsedrawn carriage-times a couple in a horsedrawn carriage gets stopped by a Zorro type who wants all their jewels and shit and has some kind of glowy-eyed hellbeast helping to intimidate them. The Doctor rudely interrupts because he … Continue reading

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Monster Community Pool – 8/11/2015

What is the going rate for a cabana boy these days? I don’t blame him, he had good reason. Cut her some slack, weddings are a bitch to plan. This is serious research, people. Maybe we shouldn’t care about the … Continue reading

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A Birth-Day Murder Most Foul

Samuel J. Yellowdog’s birthday began quite the same as any other day. He awoke at 4am and dressed for his 13 hour shift in the bone mines. At the ripe old age of 2, he was almost too old for … Continue reading

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Doctor Who S08E08: The Mummy in Space!

After screaming in the Doctor’s face about what an asshole he is last week, Clara has decided to go on one final space trip with him before she says goodbye for good. The Doctor picks out something special for their … Continue reading

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A Clowder of Killers

Assassin’s Creed Unity is the latest entry in the historical action-adventure video game series.  Set during the French Revolution, the title features a parkour system, revised combat mechanics, and a grand multiplayer campaign.  Now that I’ve given you some background, you … Continue reading

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Jack the Ripper Case . . . SOLVED! (Or is it?)

According to a new book by “armchair detective” Russell Edwards, DNA evidence has identified Aaron Kosminski as legendary old-timey serial killer Jack the Ripper. Edwards used DNA from a shawl that belonged to one of the Ripper’s victims to transition … Continue reading

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So, how was your day?

This is going up a little early because I have stuff to do later (Stuff! It’s the worst!). My day was fine. My hair looked nice. Have you seen the new Guardians Of The Galaxy trailer? While I have a … Continue reading

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