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A Daring Rescue

In the end, it’s just a heart warming tale about balls. Via Engadget

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Third Time’s The Charm

You gotta wait for the right time to attack a baseball. Via Viral Viral Videos

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Foreign Media Corner: Wakako-zake

With the exception of the occasional Studio Ghibli film, it’s been many years since I’ve watched anime, or Japanese animation.  Over the weekend, I was introduced to a few series that are currently tearing up the airwaves over in the … Continue reading

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The Wearables Race Is Heating Up

Marathon runners will have another food to nourish their bodies on the go.  Not to be outdone by Dole, Japanese tomato distributor Kagome has developed its own device to deliver the red fruit straight to your piehole.  The machine, known as Petit-Tomatan, sits … Continue reading

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