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The Greatest Trick the Devil Ever Pulled Was Convincing the World Serious News Networks Exist

This video of a magic duo photobombing a Sky News segment has been around the internet for a couple of days, but it was recently revealed that it was totally staged. ┬áThe pair, known as Young & Strange, performed the … Continue reading

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So, How Was Your Day? Plus, News.

Hi guys! We interrupt your regularly-scheduled How Was Your Day post with some info on possible changes that might be coming to the blog: next week, I’m starting a new job, and I don’t know if I’m going to have … Continue reading

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Hello Kitty: International Woman (?) Of Mystery

Today in Weird News From Around The World: Hello Kitty is not a cat. Or…she is, but only, uh, symbolically? And she has a pet cat that is a cat. And she’s English, as heavy as three apples despite being … Continue reading

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Sorry To Get Serious For A Second

This site is meant to be a fun place for us all to hang out and enjoy ourselves, and I have no intention of changing that. But as you’re probably already aware, the situation in Ferguson, MO right now is … Continue reading

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What Are You Having For Lunch Today? Also, News.

Mid-to-late summer is a bit of a pop culture wasteland, isn’t it? There’s just not much going on right now! And we’re all hot and tired and dealing with the fact that Michael Bay movies still make a lot of … Continue reading

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A Behind-The-Scenes Look at the Planning Meeting for the Hitler Billboard

President of the Organization: (Claps his hands once in front of him in a business-like manner.) Okay, guys, we’re a non-profit organization dedicated to helping underprivileged children. And we have this billboard to advertize what we do. Now, we are … Continue reading

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Checking In On Sports

Lace your foot cleats up tight, Homeless Monsters, because it’s time to check in on sports. Is this long overdue, or is this long overdue? Alley oop/slam dunk/who cares! I believe I speak for all sports-heads when I say, “There … Continue reading

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