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Let’s Keep This Creepy Mood Going

Here’s your chance to recreate Labyrinth with raccoons. Via Incredible Things

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Maybe EDM Is The Soundtrack To Your Nightmares After All

That seems about right. Via Pleated Jeans

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A Weird, Gelatinous Dreamscape

  Gelatin is a large part of our culinary lives.  It may found in all sorts of fun treats, like marshmallows, frostings, trifles, and Jell-o, of course.  But artist Sam Lyon thought the substance would make for some interesting imagery. … Continue reading

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Nightmare Fuel: This W Photoshoot

“Hey,” you say to yourself, all the time, “Seeing pictures of beautiful celebrities is great, but you know what would be even better? If they looked super scary and off-putting!” Well, my friends, W Magazine is here for you, with … Continue reading

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Haunted House Of The Week: Hinterkaifeck

Okay, so this week’s house hasn’t been officially declared haunted, but upon hearing the details, the only reasonable conclusion one can come to is that it TOTALLY IS. Even though it’s not actually there anymore, because someone made the very … Continue reading

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