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A Friendly Reminder Not to Tap, Poke or Prod Anything Ever

If I’ve seen it once I’ve seen it a million times. You think you’ve found a sleeping caterpillar or possibly a free mustache and then suddenly you unleash the terrors of hell. Next time, use your head: just call the police and walk … Continue reading

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This Used To Be My Playground

The title of this post is a blatant lie: I have never, nor will I EVER, play on these haunted deathtraps.  Dark Roasted Blend has compiled an assortment of playground photos from around the world, mainly from Eastern Europe.  They … Continue reading

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Just When You Thought it Was Safe to Go Cliff Diving in Shark-Infested Waters…

Real talk (highlight to see): [this is possibly likely fake, but it is still a total nightmare and whoever made it is either the luckiest idiot alive or a Spielbergian master, and is thereby deserving of our admiration either way.]   [Ed. note: Happy … Continue reading

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Sometimes Nightmares Come True

Imagine that you are floating high in the air, looking at a vast cityscape below you. It is beautiful. You feel that you are on top of the world. Despite the precariousness of your position, for some reason you know … Continue reading

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Turkey Terror

Turkeys are fucking everywhere nowadays, huh? I live in a city, and the other week I saw a turkey just hanging out in my neighbor’s yard when I left for work! I’ve seen them wander around by the streetcar tracks … Continue reading

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Moving house is terrible

Hi everyone! I missed you all very much! But I haven’t had the internet since last Thursday because I foolishly decided to MOVE HOUSE. Let me first say that when those polls rate house-moving up there with divorce and other … Continue reading

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Nightmare Alert: Wearable Eyes

Ladies and gentleman, today we have a special treat in the nightmare department.  The monstrosity you see before you was developed by Dr. Hirotaka Osawa, a professor at Tsukuba University.  The goggles feature two screens with images of eyes that react to … Continue reading

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Nobody panic…

Hi guys, I don’t want you to worry, but I *think* we’ve got problems, of an apocalyptic nature. I wouldn’t have predicted that the gates of hell would open up above Leamington Spa in England, but it seems they have, … Continue reading

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My own haunted house mystery

You’ve all introduced me to some amazing haunted houses these past few months. You’ve shared some of your own tales of terror. Now I want to tell you mine. It happened about 15 years ago, on the sort of family … Continue reading

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Cute Toy Kitty Will Swallow Your Soul

Is it just me or has the internet been hitting us with an unusually large amount of nightmare-based toys and/or nightmare-toy-based art installations lately? (via Daily What)

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