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Black-Eyed Child Roams the Heathlands, Expects Birthday Cake

It has been thirty years since she was last seen, but the Black Eyed Child is once again roaming the heathlands of Stratfforshire, England. This report comes from Lee Brickley, paranormal investigator and author who, I’m sure, has no personal … Continue reading

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Month of SCARES* Planning Post

*Spooky ‘Caps and Really Eerie Stories Hi guys. First of all, let me say how brave I am and how proud I am of myself for looking up this still of Ghostbusters 2. As a junior Titanic expert, that shot … Continue reading

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Doctor Who S08E04: Hey! Listen!

The Doctor is getting the TARDIS equivalent of cabin fever and much like any adult human (or humanoid) spending any amount of time alone, he’s been talking to himself a lot. But because he’s the Doctor, he decides that we actually … Continue reading

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A Friendly Reminder Not to Tap, Poke or Prod Anything Ever

If I’ve seen it once I’ve seen it a million times. You think you’ve found a sleeping caterpillar or possibly a free mustache and then suddenly you unleash the terrors of hell. Next time, use your head: just call the police and walk … Continue reading

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This Used To Be My Playground

The title of this post is a blatant lie: I have never, nor will I EVER, play on these haunted deathtraps.  Dark Roasted Blend has compiled an assortment of playground photos from around the world, mainly from Eastern Europe.  They … Continue reading

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Just When You Thought it Was Safe to Go Cliff Diving in Shark-Infested Waters…

Real talk (highlight to see): [this is possibly likely fake, but it is still a total nightmare and whoever made it is either the luckiest idiot alive or a Spielbergian master, and is thereby deserving of our admiration either way.]   [Ed. note: Happy … Continue reading

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Sometimes Nightmares Come True

Imagine that you are floating high in the air, looking at a vast cityscape below you. It is beautiful. You feel that you are on top of the world. Despite the precariousness of your position, for some reason you know … Continue reading

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