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That’s Your Boyfriend: Sexy Hamburglar

Oh man, just look at your boyfriend. I know that at first you were unsure. “He’s a criminal, for goodness sake! He’s addicted to fast food! I can’t let myself fall in love with the bad boy, NOT AGAIN!” But … Continue reading

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What Other Disney Movies Should Get The Live-Action Treatment?

Cinderella, Beauty And The Beast, The Jungle Book, and now Mulan*–Disney has figured out that they can make craploads of money by making the same movies over and over again, this time in live-action instead of animation. As a comment … Continue reading

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Where Do Broken Hearts Go? (That’s the name of one of their songs)

How am I today? While I was eating a pizza at lunch, news broke that Zayn Malik, arguably the most beautiful but also the most mysterious and sensitive member of my favorite band of all time, has left the band’s … Continue reading

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I’m not going to include the promo videos or any pictures in this post in case anyone’s afraid of snakes, but, uh…I’ll just let Entertainment Weekly explain. Discovery has found its next extreme stunt: A man will be eaten by … Continue reading

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Month of SCARES* Planning Post

*Spooky ‘Caps and Really Eerie Stories Hi guys. First of all, let me say how brave I am and how proud I am of myself for looking up this still of Ghostbusters 2. As a junior Titanic expert, that shot … Continue reading

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A Friendly Reminder Not to Tap, Poke or Prod Anything Ever

If I’ve seen it once I’ve seen it a million times. You think you’ve found a sleeping caterpillar or possibly a free mustache and then suddenly you unleash the terrors of hell. Next time, use your head: just call the police and walk … Continue reading

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Put Your Hand In The Air If You’re A True Player

If you’re anything like me, you’re not at an amusement park right now, but instead are sitting at work in your cubicle with no window and where the air conditioning is cranked up so high you are wearing a sweater … Continue reading

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