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Why Does Netflix Want Me to Watch Polar So Bad? And What’s for Lunch?

Today’s lunch features gluten-free chicken nuggets with roasted vegetables. One of my easy go-to lunches. Netflix really, really wants me to watch Polar. The trailer runs every time I bring up the app on my TV. I don’t want to … Continue reading

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Not Having It Anymore

At some point you just can’t handle being in that dress and standing still for that long. Via InStyle

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I’m Not Entirely Sure This Robot Baby Will Help Prove Anything

A recent study at the University of California San Diego set out to validate research data implying that babies smile at specific times in order to get onlookers to smile back at them as long as possible.  Scientists tested this hypothesis … Continue reading

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A Wales Story Part II: The Dart Game

Previously, on A Wales Story… A whole lot of writers invade a small Welsh pub. Dave, a heavy-smoking, heavy-drinking man of indeterminate age enters and his brain nearly implodes when he sees the pub full of lovely twenty-something American women. They … Continue reading

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Tourism for Writer Weirdos: Lampeter, Wales

Hi guys! I miss you! I’ve been hella busy (I’m down with the youth) writing and workshopping and etc. Every time I want to hang out here, I think, “You have a hundred things to get done, tao, don’t procrastinate!” … Continue reading

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Honey Bunches of Nope

There are very few things that come between me and my cereal.  This is one of them. Via Neatorama

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We’ve Reached Peak Wahlberg!

When last we heard from the erstwhile Marky Mark, he was petitioning the Massachusetts government to have his…um…youthful indiscretions expunged from his record.*

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Snakes for Nothing

Trigger warning.  This post is about snakes.

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Nightmare Files: “Dead” Man Digs His Way Out of Grave

Several of us are talking about nightmares in the comments (move, spidermonk!), so I thought I’d add something to fuel more nightmares and therefore more awesome stories. And I do love a story when a dead guy comes to life, … Continue reading

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Our Nightmares Might Return to the Big Screen

I am not going to read this article very closely, because it’s already very close to Halloween and thus I’m feeling very fragile, but maybe there will be an announcement very soon about a new Pee-Wee Herman something. As discussed … Continue reading

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