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Gnidrah’s Winter Olympics round-up!

All the stories you’ve already read, plus one or two you might have missed! Yep, the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics have drawn to a close, and we have to wait another four years for drama in the freezing cold (though if … Continue reading

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Tuesday TV Talk

ITS OFFICIAL! I'm going to be on season 23 of #DWTS! I'm excited to show you my moves on September 12! @DancingABC pic.twitter.com/PIrHcEQF2Z — Laurie Hernandez ➶ (@lzhernandez02) August 30, 2016 Can’t say I’ve seen much television this past week. … Continue reading

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Olympic Body Matching

Not sure if anyone ACTUALLY wanted to know this information, but here you go! The BBC has created a site where you can enter your Height, Weight and Age and find out who is competing in the Olympics that is … Continue reading

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Tuesday TV Talk

Let’s face it, there’s really nothing else on TV but this.  Well, that’s not entirely true.  I do see recaps for shows that aired Sunday, but I don’t remember what any of them were.  Anyway, because the IOC are a … Continue reading

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Can We Bring Back Birthday Gifs?

I’ve been wanting to revive the birthday gif request tradition, and since Tuesday, August 9 is my birthday, I have a special incentive to make it happen with a quickness. If you so please, I would love to see gifs from Happy … Continue reading

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I Guess They Don’t Have Doors In Their Home

What you use javelins for once you're retired. pic.twitter.com/gVwqK75bVa — Bryan Clay (@bryanclay) May 6, 2015 I’m sure this was excuse for not tossing out the javelin in his garage after retirement. Via Fox Sports

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Today in sadly-bereft-of-video puppy news

American skier man Gus Kenworthy has found some puppies. He was in Russia, and he has found some puppies, and his obviously totally correct decision was that he will take all the puppies home with him to Colorado, even if … Continue reading

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Olympics Jam 2014

Congratulations to co-gold medalist and Slovenian person Tina Maze. First, pretty good sportsmanship finding a way to lose that pesky half second lead in the last part of the race, so you could tie that nice Swiss girl and both … Continue reading

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The Lego Movie made a gazillion dollars this weekend

Did you see it? I didn’t, but I want to at some point; I’ve heard nothing but good things. Did you see anything else? George Clooney’s latest George Clooney & Friends Movie, maybe? Not RoboCop, because it doesn’t come out … Continue reading

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