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How was your weekend?

How did you spend your precious time on this planet over the long weekend? I went out to lunch with friends twice and had a first date last night but otherwise I can’t really account for my actions. I know … Continue reading

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How Was Your Day?

I downloaded a dating app for the first time in my life on a whim this past weekend. The positive thing is that no one has been gross so far (knock on wood). But single men in LA really need … Continue reading

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Making Dating More Obnoxious

Dating can be tough.  You have to deal with creepers, ghosting, and the torture that is writing a damn profile.  Apps like Tinder have simultaneously made things easier, but has carried its own set of problems.  Other apps have attempted … Continue reading

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The Idol Bump

Maybe our dating lives would improve with some help from a popular singer?  (Nah, just don’t write weird/scummy profiles). Via Time

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Who wants to go on a date?

As our friends at Adweek so aptly headlined this: “Halifax’s Horrifying Date-Night Ad Will Make You Not Want to Date for a While. Be thankful if you’ve found someone.” I just can’t wait to start online dating again. If only … Continue reading

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Your Weekly PSA

To all my fellow single Monsters out there: be aware of where you’re sitting on your first dates.  That is, unless you enjoy being observed like a lab rat. Via Eater

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Trix Tips: Is there such a thing as dating authentically?

Dear Commentatrix, I’ve had to write those “about me”-type blurbs in dating profiles a few times and my first instinct is always to put something cryptic and standoffish (my last Tinder bio is a quote I lifted from a Wikipedia … Continue reading

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