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Netflix and Chat

What did you guys do for the long weekend? I watched a lot of US Open, dealt with a clogged kitchen sink, and unwittingly ordered a calzone that was bigger than my head. And now it’s Tuesday! Also, what are … Continue reading

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Open chat: what are you excited about?

Some great news out in the universe for once: word on the street says ABC is considering a Happy Endings reboot! In case you’re not familiar with this show, it was only the best comedy in the history of television. … Continue reading

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What’s Up This Week?

Here’s a picture of somewhere I’d rather be than in the office. Where are you this week and where would you prefer to be? What’s going on in your life? Share some gifs or something in the comments! Also we … Continue reading

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How was your weekend/what are you doing this weekend?

God bless a holiday that falls on a Thursday, thereby getting us Friday off as well! I will be spending the upcoming long weekend with my family — which is great during the day, but not great at night when … Continue reading

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Open Chat

Sorry everyone, I got nothing this week. Let’s open chat! I’m getting my butt kicked at work in the worst possible way. But I am really enjoying Dead to Me on Netflix. Is anyone watching? You gotta watch, it’s so … Continue reading

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Open Thread + Podcast Recommendations

Did anyone watch the quickly canceled Zach Braff sitcom about starting a podcast? It was actually pretty cute and I enjoyed it, but haven’t thought about it for one second since I watched the last episode until this moment. I’m … Continue reading

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Love Trumps Hate and Other Nonsense At The 74th Annual Golden Globe Awards

Once again, my award show fatigue was overridden by an irrepressible sense of FOMO, and I found myself watching the 2017 Golden Globes.  It was hosted by Jimmy Fallon, who IMO did an alright job.  Maybe it’s because I enjoyed … Continue reading

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It’s A Holiday Weekend Open Thread!

How was your Thanksgiving, and what are your plans for the rest of the weekend? I ate so much that I can barely move this morning, which is obviously the perfect condition for binging all of the new Gilmore Girls … Continue reading

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Monster Community Pool – 5/7/2015

As I mentioned Tuesday, I had some ideas for new stuff to post.  I also said that I wasn’t going to rock the boat, so that brings me to our new segment, the Monster Community Pool.  It seems like we’ve … Continue reading

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Comedy Open Thread!

Ladies and germs, there were two big comedy season premieres that I watched this week. Did you watch? If you didn’t watch the shows I watched, what did you watch? Watch watch watch!!!

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