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Tuesday Chat

Hello all–nothing’s queued up at the moment and I have a lot on my plate today, work-wise, so here’s an open thread for your chatting convenience. And here’s a puppy, just because:

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What Are You Being For Halloween?

Well, it’s Tuesday of Halloween week. We’ve had all of our lives to think about our costumes, and I bet some of us have some pretty great ideas. And if you don’t have an idea yet (I just thought of … Continue reading

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Open Thread: Let The Right One In

Hello Monsters! Welcome to a special Monster Family™ viewing of Let the Right One In. We start watching at 6 PM EST. Find the movie on Netflix here. If you’re curious, check out the recipes of the foods I’ll be putting … Continue reading

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Let’s Have A Cheer-Up Thread

I’m still feeling run down and blargh-y, so let’s have a cheer-up thread. Cute gifs, good news, happy stories, indisputable proof that ghosts are real: post something that makes you smile in the comments. I will start: PUPPY.

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Let’s have a good news post

I know I need it. Tell me something good that’s happened to you lately, or will happen, or happened to somebody else…you get the drill. My contributions are this picture of a puppy and the following: 1. The geese family … Continue reading

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Monday Open Thread

I’m probably on a plane at this very moment, but via the magic of the interwebs, here I am! Posting an open thread! *magician hand motions* Hopefully you all had a good weekend/day and I didn’t completely screw up the … Continue reading

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Monday Open Thread

It’s another slow news day and busy work day for me (and probably a lot of you), so let’s have an open thread! How was your weekend? What are you reading at the moment? What’s the best thing you’ve eaten … Continue reading

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Monday Exhaustion Open Thread

It’s a light queue day and guys, I am so tired. All I did this weekend was hang out with my family and eat a lot, but I feel like I did, you know, actual stuff. It’s also shaping up … Continue reading

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Monday open thread

This is the laziest post ever, but eh, it’s rainy and I’m feeling blah and in the mood to chat. What’s up? Stuff? Let’s talk about stuff. Whatever you feel like. I won’t pick a topic because haven’t had much … Continue reading

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