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How are we doing?

No one had a better weekend than Bong Joon-ho, that’s for sure! Janelle Monáe delivered what might be the best Oscar opening ever. It’s time to come alive! She’s magnetic. Steve Martin and Chris Rock had some funny jokes I … Continue reading

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Oscar Season

The 2020 Academy Award nominations are out and I haven’t actually looked at them but apparently there are some big snubs! If you were in charge of the Oscars, what movies would you award? I would give Best Actor to … Continue reading

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90 Years of Oscar, Zero Minutes of Fuck Ups

After last year’s… interesting conclusion, this year’s Oscars presented a safer show, for better or worse.  Everything went off without a hitch, and with the exception of Frances McDormand’s speech and maybe Shape of Water winning over Three Billboards, all … Continue reading

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Anarchy Reigns At The 89th Annual Academy Awards

I was about 5 seconds away from posting that this was yet another humdrum awards show with Hollywood’s year-long auto-erotic celebration coming to a climax, but HOT DAMN THAT HAPPENED.  Moonlight won best picture of the year in what was … Continue reading

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Tuesday TV Talk

The last thing on TV I saw was Good Morning America, where they broadcasted the announcements of the 2017 Academy Award Nominations (great segue, FRQ).  You can see the full list here, and make comments about what was snubbed and/or … Continue reading

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The Darkest Timeline

At least he doesn’t have to suffer through another year of disappointment. Via Laughing Squid

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My Not So Glamorous But Very White Recap Of The 88th Academy Awards

The mother of all entertainment awards graced our TV presence last night.  With the emphasis on the #OscarsSoWhite controversy, show MC Chris Rock focused most of his material on diversity in Hollywood.  I felt that while many of his points … Continue reading

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Monster Community Pool – 1/14/2016

You’d think with dozens of cardio machines at my gym, there’d be one available when I showed up.  WRONG. Oscaaaaaaaaaarssss AGAIN with this guy Friends reunion(ish)! This is good Walmart-ing BTW, I assume most people get Monday off, we’ll be … Continue reading

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Oscars After-Party Fashion Rundown

Hey, I’m just in a fashion-y frame of mind today. And a lot of stars changed for the parties, so let’s ogle! (The red carpet fashion round-up is here, if you missed it.) “Yeah, I don’t know why I didn’t … Continue reading

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Oscars Fashion Rundown

Last night’s red carpet was actually pretty good, even though so many actresses wore white/light gray/pale pink/etc. that it started to get boring. Case in point: I’ve fallen asleep. (I mean, she looks fine. Still. Zzzzz.)

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