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Behold the Enduring Creepiness of “Unsolved Mysteries”

Recently I discovered that the late 80s-early 90s TV show “Unsolved Mysteries,” with Robert Stack, is available on Amazon Video. All the seasons in their entirety. This is a show I would watch, spellbound, when I was younger, then go … Continue reading

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You’ll Need to Find a New Place for Witchery

Etsy, that purveyor of random crap that is slowly taking the place of the arts and crafts tent at country fairs, is changing their policy, and this one has serious implications for the…heathens among us.

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A Spooooky Ghost Town

Well, we didn’t win that Inn, I don’t think, so here is another great idea. Let us all go and live in a (probably) haunted town in Montana, because the Bureau of Land Management really wants us to.

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Nightmare Files: “Dead” Man Digs His Way Out of Grave

Several of us are talking about nightmares in the comments (move, spidermonk!), so I thought I’d add something to fuel more nightmares and therefore more awesome stories. And I do love a story when a dead guy comes to life, … Continue reading

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Let the Right One In: Cheering for the Monster

Darkness. Snow. Soft flakes fall evenly, descending at a slight angle. White against black: a foreshadowing of the visual contrast between our protagonist and our antihero.

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Vampire Graves Are a Thing

The Smithsonian reports that archeologists have discovered a 13th century grave containing a skeleton with a stake through its heart. Villagers, (must have been villagers it’s always the villagers) in a fit of “anti-vampire hysteria,” rammed the stake through an … Continue reading

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Open Thread: Let The Right One In

Hello Monsters! Welcome to a special Monster Family™ viewing of Let the Right One In. We start watching at 6 PM EST. Find the movie on Netflix here. If you’re curious, check out the recipes of the foods I’ll be putting … Continue reading

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Scary Movie Time: Let’s Watch!

Ready to get your scare on? SUNDAY, OCTOBER 12 AT 6PM EST Streaming on Netflix Mark your calendars, ’cause it’s Family Scary Movie Time! Monster Family, that is!  We’re watching the 2008 Swedish horror film Let the Right One In. I’ll be … Continue reading

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Family-Friendly Scary Movies–Maybe?

(Something is… not right… with the mother here.) I know there are a few Monsters who feel way too much of the scares when watching scary films. Fortunately (maybe?) the Hollywood Reporter is thinking of your welfare, and has compiled a … Continue reading

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Disco Ghost Leaves Woman Unfazed

(Damn, looks like I missed out on that disco brunch!) A Texan woman (or is she from Cleveland? Make up your mind, fake news) who was trying to take a picture of her nephew ended up with a shot of … Continue reading

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