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Reconnaissance Work

Anyone that has already surrendered to robot overlords hasn’t given octopuses the credit they are due.  A sneaky cephalopod named Rambo (duh) somehow tricked people in New Zealand to educate her in art of photography.  Trainers at the SEA LIFE Aquarium taught the octopus … Continue reading

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Pretty Wildlife Photos

Look at that cute curly beard on that seal! He’s waving at us! Hi Buddy! London’s Natural History Museum and the BBC have revealed the top finalists for their Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition. Take a look at all … Continue reading

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Pretty pictures of a dangerous creature

National Geographic has an article and photos of Portuguese Man-of-War. Just take 5 minutes and appreciate all the gorgeous photography. Sometimes it is mind-blowing how amazing nature is.

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Beat the Can’t-Time-Travel Blues with These Sightseeing Americans

I don’t understand time travel that well, but it has always struck me as being good for one of three things: 1) killing Hitler (uh doy!) 2) buying and hoarding old comic books (double doy!) and 3) visiting the early ’80s … Continue reading

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Out-Instagram the Instagramer

There was a time when Instagram was just a tool for hipsters, letting them turn their mundane pics into “vintage photos” they could proudly display on various social sites.  But like any trend, the app has found its way into … Continue reading

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Retro Tripping with the Disappearing Face of New York

Hey, why not enjoy a virtual stroll through this amazing Flickr set of photos of idiosyncratic NYC storefronts by photographers James and Karla Murray? Kind of a bummer how these are all a Starbucks now. Not individual Starbucks locations, mind you, but rather … Continue reading

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Peaceful Photos of Glorious California Movie Palaces

Feeling harried? Lacking focus today? Take a few minutes to lose yourself in this gallery of perfectly quiet photos of California’s classic movie theaters by photographer Franck Bohbot. Pick the one that you like best. Now close your eyes and maybe imagine … Continue reading

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