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Dinner And A Show, Now?

That doggone Pizza Hut is at it again. Via Tech Crunch Advertisements

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Monster Community Pool – 11/10/2015

I really should have test-driven this sweater before I purchased 3 of them. This pizza has more stories than most houses. Well it’s not like kids today give a shit about them, so go for it. Sorry, videophile hipsters Afternoon snacks … Continue reading

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Monster Community Pool – 6/11/2015

Whoa, nice columns… Hey I remember this beverage. File this one under “Good Reads“. Another season, another gimmick. I didn’t think anything could top the Most American Thickburger, but I stand corrected. How are you all doing?

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Dinner And A Movie

  Pizza Hut is no stranger to high tech dining, but this time, they took a low tech approach to a classic concept.  With the help of ad firm Ogilvy & Mather, the fast food chain has released a box that … Continue reading

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The End Of Thanksgiving Will Not Be The End of Food News

Last week, many of us stuffed our faces with all kinds of delicious meals, possibly to the point of sickness.  Now that five whole days have passed, I think it’s safe to bombard you with the latest and greatest in … Continue reading

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How to Ruin a $5,000 Table

In the latest “cutting edge tech from garbage food” news, the good people at Pizza Hut have released this concept video of a interactive table.  Developed by Chaotic Moon Studios, it allows you to customize pizzas and order bread sticks … Continue reading

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