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Dinner And A Show, Now?

That doggone Pizza Hut is at it again. Via Tech Crunch

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Droste For Dinner

Spare me the Pimp My Ride references, Internet.  Just for today. Via ViralViralVideos

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For That Cold Winter’s Night

A more shotgun-able version of a late night staple Via Foodbeast

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Monster Community Pool – 10/1/2015

Welcome to October! Kate is super considerate, that’s all. Just a good way to carry pizza. This would be a better trend than turning Tweets into TV shows. Now, if we can get a certain someone to follow in her footsteps. I’m gonna buy pumpkin … Continue reading

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Let’s All Try and Have a Great Week

Now, I don’t want to get greedy and say we’re going to have a week–or life–anywhere near as great as this guy’s probably was/is, but let’s get out there and do our thing and maybe not worry about it too … Continue reading

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Dinner And A Movie

  Pizza Hut is no stranger to high tech dining, but this time, they took a low tech approach to a classic concept.  With the help of ad firm Ogilvy & Mather, the fast food chain has released a box that … Continue reading

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What Are You Working On?

I know we all talk about the various projects we’re working on in the How Was Your Day and other chat posts, but lets have one specifically devoted to them! Do you have any creative projects in the works? Fitness … Continue reading

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The Art Of The Steal

More pizza for me?  Sure! Via 22 Words

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The End Of Thanksgiving Will Not Be The End of Food News

Last week, many of us stuffed our faces with all kinds of delicious meals, possibly to the point of sickness.  Now that five whole days have passed, I think it’s safe to bombard you with the latest and greatest in … Continue reading

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I Ate a Little Caesar’s Deep! Deep! Detroit-Style Pizza So You Don’t Have To

In my on-going series where I talk about disgusting food and then I eat the disgusting food, last week for lunch I went out of my way to eat the Hot & Ready Detroit-style pizza that FRQ and I were … Continue reading

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