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Podcast and chill

Geez guys, we’re a week away from fall and before we know it we’ll be moving the clocks whichever way they move this time of year! I’ll figure it out when the time comes. So what have you been up … Continue reading

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Open Thread + Podcast Recommendations

Did anyone watch the quickly canceled Zach Braff sitcom about starting a podcast? It was actually pretty cute and I enjoyed it, but haven’t thought about it for one second since I watched the last episode until this moment. I’m … Continue reading

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Catching up with podcasts!

So, I know we talked about  “Serial” a little bit in yesterday’s “How Was Your Day?” post, but let’s talk about it/podcasts some more! If you missed yesterday’s post, or just haven’t heard yet, “Serial” is a new true crime … Continue reading

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Who knew they recorded podcasts in Blog Heaven?

Hi kids. Sit down. I have some news for you. Do you remember our dad Gabe? I know it’s been a while, but try to recall. Kind of a tough love dad, remember? Like Coach Taylor. Anyhow, remember how he … Continue reading

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Muppets Take Manhattan Trivia Takes My Heart

I want to kick myself because whenever we give out podcast recommendations around here, I always seem to forget about my fave podcast, which I have been following forever. The Bowery Boys podcast covers New York City history. Each episode … Continue reading

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This May Be The Ultimate Us Podcast Segment

When we were discussing podcasts a couple of weeks ago, I remember a few of us talked up Good Job, Brain! Their 100th episode came out this week, and right around the 27-minute mark is a segment that hit a … Continue reading

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Checking in with podcasts/Andy Daly!

Podcast darling and generally delightful human being Andy Daly has sure been busy lately! Not only does his new Comedy Central TV Show Review premiere tonight (catch it online if you like!) but he has been blowing up the podcast … Continue reading

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“It’s as if Star Wars Farted on Planet of the Apes”

Heaven knows I looove a good-bad movie, but I could not make it through Battlefield Earth. It was way too bad-bad. Fortunately, the folks at The Jimmy Pardo Podcast watched it so we don’t have to! Or if you were … Continue reading

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