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A new generation of pranksters is born

Editor’s Note: This post was originally written several days ago, but I’ve been slacking pretty hard recently and didn’t see this until now.  Let’s just call this a special post-Father’s Day article.  Sorry gnidrah.  😦 Is that the pitter-patter of … Continue reading

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The Parent Trap

It’s good to break a child’s brain at such a young age. Via Pleated Jeans

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A God Among Mere Mortals

I work out. Via Pleated Jeans

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Prank Time

Probably the best way to get me to watch your video is to call it “Drive Thru Robot Driver Prank,” which is how I ended up watching this. Another enticing title would be “Monkey Uses Brain to Move Robot Arm … Continue reading

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Let’s Talk about Pranks (again)

Apparently NBA rookies getting pranked by their teammates is a fact a life. I think we’re all familiar with that famous saying from Ben Franklin. But the prank pulled on Sacramento Kings player Nik Stauskas is truly horrifying.

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April Sincerity Day

Well well, it’s time again for my least favorite holiday of them all. April Fools Day. While I welcome our new springtime overlords (birds) and am excited to switch over my wall calendars, I dread April Fools Day. Sorry I’m … Continue reading

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An Exception To The Rule

Normally I try not to post prank videos, as pranks are for miscreants and rapscallions.  However, what if a prank wasn’t a prank, but a dream come true?  Assuming that 1) his wife doesn’t have to clean it up and … Continue reading

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