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Aging Doesn’t Make Us Stupid.

I occasionally spend time at a writing retreat called The Porches. After “quiet writing time” ends at 5:30, during which I stare out the window, drink coffee, sleep, and sometimes write something, I pour a glass of red wine (’cause … Continue reading

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Let’s All Take This Personality Quiz I Made, As A Family

Personality quizzes are still all the rage, right? Not at all passé, I’m sure. But do you ever sit there and think “I wish there was one that really got me, that was really tailored to my interests and was … Continue reading

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VERY IMPORTANT: Take this quiz and tell me what animal you are

Online personality quizzes are terrible and pointless and I love them. I’ll even do quizzes to find out what character I am from shows I don’t even watch. What I do hate, though, is when it’s completely obvious what the … Continue reading

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