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Tourism for Weirdos: The Wild, Wild West (of England)

Can it really be called tourism, when it’s your home town / region? Probably not, but I was showing around friends who’d never visited before, which often forces you to see a place through an outsider’s eyes. Those of you … Continue reading

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Watch Your Back

I hope they don’t live in Seattle. Via Pleated Jeans

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Rainy Day Activities

I shouldn’t laugh because that almost happened to me, but I was tubing in the ocean like a normal person.  Sucks for you, buddy. Via DPnF

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It’s Simple, Elegant, Beautiful and Advertising an Umbrella

The weather this week in my city has been gloomy as shit.  If you look had looked at the forecast Sunday night for the rest of the week, you would have seen 6 straight days of rain.  As someone who … Continue reading

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A Slick Surface

I don’t know what’s worse, riding down a slide in shorts on a hot day, or barreling down one in the rain, without a way to slow down. Via Irish Examiner

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