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A Crucial Full House Update

As a person without a Netflix account, or a fan of bringing back old TV shows, I have zero interest in the Full House‘s successor, Fuller House (yikes).  However, given this situation I think the premise isn’t too bad.  From Variety: …the revival … Continue reading

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Ghostbusters, but with Chicks

Have we discussed the recently announced casting of the Ghostbusters reboot? (Again, I do not know the real differences between reboots and reimaginings and whatever.) The Ghostbusters we deserve and want will be starring our pals Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones, … Continue reading

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No Country for Old Terminators

You guys, the Terminator: Genysis (“Genisys”? Is that right? Okay then) trailer is here, and, uh, I don’t know quite what to say. I want to be positive so I guess I’ll go with it looks intriguingly shitty? Definitely stick around … Continue reading

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Our Nightmares Might Return to the Big Screen

I am not going to read this article very closely, because it’s already very close to Halloween and thus I’m feeling very fragile, but maybe there will be an announcement very soon about a new Pee-Wee Herman something. As discussed … Continue reading

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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Movie

I can’t even feign excitement on this one, guys. News broke recently (this morning?) that a new movie version of the beloved kid’s show is coming in July 2016.

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Something Else Is Getting Rebooted!

You guys, they’re making a TV show out of Now and Then. Says the Marlene King, writer of the original: “It’s definitely the same characters, but it won’t be the same time period,” she said. “It will be like if … Continue reading

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