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What are you READING?

I’m contemplating starting a new series of recommendation posts in which we talk about what we’re watching, eating, listening to, etc. We’ll see how this goes. Since I’m going to be spending 24 hours in the air and another 15+ … Continue reading

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A Mid-Year HM Personal Music Update

For most of us, this summer has been quite a scorcher, but the heat is nothing that couldn’t be fixed by some cool summer jams*.  Our last music post was roughly six months ago in winter’s frigid grip of death, … Continue reading

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Read Any Good Books Lately?

What are you guys reading? I haven’t had time to make much of a dent in my reading list lately, but I did just finish Mary Miley’s The Impersonator, which I really enjoyed–it’s a historical mystery that manages not to … Continue reading

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Let’s Have Another Recommendations Post

…Because in looking those up to add them to the tabs I posted on the header last night, I remembered how much great stuff everyone recommended, especially books (which I personally am most interested in, but feel free to recommend … Continue reading

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Let’s Have Another Recommendations Post

It’s been some time since we all talked about the various things we’re reading/watching/listening to and so on, so let’s do that again! I’ve found some great stuff thanks to your recommendations. I, however, am going to have to be … Continue reading

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Share One of Your Dear-Lord-Get-Me-Through-This-Day Internet Pitstops

Can you imagine how rough our working-stiff foremothers and fathers had it in the ’80s and ’90s before the prevalence of the internet? All they had to get them through the day was Microsoft Solitaire and the faint hope that … Continue reading

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Are You Watching “The Story of Film: An Odyssey”? It’s Really Freaking Good!

For the past year or so, I have been trying to cure myself of Netflix, but then I discover something like this that makes me so glad that it is still there on my TV: a portal that, from time to … Continue reading

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