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But How Well Do You REALLY Know Yourself?

  I would bet that the vast majority of people who have ever used Tinder have had some sort of terrible experience in their quest for love (or something that resembles it).  It’s probably because you’re using your brain, LIKE … Continue reading

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America’s Next Top Model S22E07: Trouble in Tyradise

This week on ANTM, the models were forced to attempt to act, with results about as trombone soundy as you would expect. The first challenge involved performing a weirdass Shakespeare scene in pairs in front of various CW execs, and … Continue reading

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Marry Him, Dude

Before someone else snatches him up. Via Tastefully Offensive

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Unskilled On Multiple Levels

If you’re too afraid to end a relationship, you place the spaghetti on the table, tell him or her that you need to buy a pack of smokes at 7-Eleven, then never come back.  Duh. Via Laughing Squid

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The Not-So-Friendly Ghost

We talk a lot about ghosts here at the old HM, but today I’ll talk about another type of ghost.  Well, not so much a ghost, but ghosting, the act of ending a relationship by completely disappearing from the other … Continue reading

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Duh Aficionado Rebirth: Break Ups Are Tougher If You And Your Ex Are Still Facebook Friends

We’re all smart people here, but when it comes to love, I’m sure we’ve all done stupid shit.  This statement also applies to the end of a relationship.  Sometimes it’s hard to let go, and you don’t want to believe that … Continue reading

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That’s Your (Fake) Boyfriend

So you’ve used your smartphone to weed out all of your crappy friends and manage your dating life, but still find no success in your relationships.  Perhaps it’s time to implement some drastic measures.  Last Tuesday, the Invisible Boyfriend service … Continue reading

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Let’s Just Have Our Phones Curate All Of Our Relationships

Several months ago, I brought you news of an app that lets ladies keep track of how they feel about their boyfriends.   Programmer/artists Lauren McCarthy and Kyle McDonald have taken this concept and stepped it up a notch.  They developed a … Continue reading

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Trix Tips: Best Friends For… as Long as We Can Tolerate Each Other?

I have a friend from college who I love dearly, like a sister.  We moved to different ends of the country after college, and we would talk almost every day on the phone.  But after a couple of years, I … Continue reading

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What Type of Monster Do You Attract?

Buzzfeed, our go-to site for quality relationship advice, has designed an insightful, scientifically accurate quiz to help us with our love lives. Seriously: how can we expect to have a meaningful and honest relationship with a significant other if we don’t … Continue reading

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