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It’s Like A Decade Had Never Passed

There’s no question that we love to live in the past.  Like many companies, Lenovo wants to take advantage of our nostalgia by apparently bringing back the popular 2004 flip phone, the Motorola Razr.  As a self-professed technophile, I thought … Continue reading

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Get Into the Holiday Spirit With Alan Thicke and His Pals the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Having trouble getting into the proper seasonal spirit this year? You have two options at this point. Either a) relax, take each day as it comes and let that warm Christmas-y feeling gradually overtake you sometime between now and your third viewing of … Continue reading

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Neat Collage of ’80s Stuff Set to A Flock of Seagulls

Probably my favorite things to do on Youtube involve either listening to music or browsing through the Nutrasweetened cultural detritus of bygone eras. So this compilation of ’80s video imagery set to the seductively dark New Wave classic “I Ran (So Far Away)” is really … Continue reading

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I Want You to Look at All of Those Wiggles

Not a lot to say here except let’s get out those sponges and start prancercising our creative sides, monsters!

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Guy Eats 25-Year-Old Box of Nintendo Cereal

I don’t know about you guys, but I grew up in a household where sugary cereals were strictly verboten*. Nutri-Grain and other raisin-laden cereals were par for the course, and Honey Nut Cheerios were about as wild as we got. … Continue reading

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Arnold’s Japanese Ramen Commercials are About as Weird as You’d Expect

Back before movie stars were brands, they often had to secret themselves away to overseas markets to make the real scrilla selling their image to advertisers. From today’s vantage point, it’s sort of hilarious that Arnold might have been worried about damaging his … Continue reading

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10 Ghosts of Christmas Commercials Past

Look, if I’m really being honest with myself, the thing that I look forward to most about the holiday season is binge-watching old Christmas commercials on YouTube. That’s probably because, for people of a certain age, these friendly, familiar spots returned … Continue reading

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“Dazzle Dancin'” is a 30-Car Pileup of Terrible that You Can’t Look Away From

Rick Dees takes on the herculean task of making David Hasselhoff look soulful in this bizarro relic from the bottom rack of your local video rental establishment and just NAILS IT. 100 Homeless Monster Fun Bucks to whoever can explain his shirt … Continue reading

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Autumn Jam Alert: Chili-Related Wendy’s Employee Training Banger

Kudos to the Wendy’s songwriting department (also RIP, probably). They make the Brill Building look like the Grill Building, am I right? Seriously, though, this video is both highly danceable and highly instructive. The only part I take issue with is the … Continue reading

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Beat the Can’t-Time-Travel Blues with These Sightseeing Americans

I don’t understand time travel that well, but it has always struck me as being good for one of three things: 1) killing Hitler (uh doy!) 2) buying and hoarding old comic books (double doy!) and 3) visiting the early ’80s … Continue reading

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