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The Darkest Timeline

At least he doesn’t have to suffer through another year of disappointment. Via Laughing Squid

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This Week Just Isn’t Letting Up

  I hope he is on a beach somewhere earning 20%.  

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The Passing of a Legend

The next post today was originally supposed to be a Golden Globes recap, but let’s face it, it was a garbage show, and it can wait for this.  I’m generally not the type to react to celebrity deaths, but holy … Continue reading

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We’ve Been Clue-ful (Nailed It) for 20 Years

According to googling, this Sunday, July 19th, will be the twentieth anniversary of the release of timeless (?) classic Clueless in theaters. In America. So much had happened in those twenty years. Stacey Dash has not aged but has become … Continue reading

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Heaven Just Got a Little More Terry Prachett (Not that he would truck with such things)

Writer Terry Prachett, author of the Discworld Series, Good Omens (co-written with Neil Gaiman) and many other books, passed away today after a long battle with an Alzheimer’s like disease. If you’ve never read the Discworld series, it basically does … Continue reading

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Someone’s Muse Google Alert is Blowing Up Right Now!

The relationship which brought us so much joy is now over. Matt Bellamy (lead singer of ONE OF THE GREATEST BANDS, Muse) and Kate Hudson (“My hair is blue! It’s blue!”) have been separated “for some time.“

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Can We Talk About Poems For a Minute?

My favorite and most inspirational living poet is no longer living. Mark Strand, the brilliant, prolific American poet, died Sunday at the age of 80 from cancer.

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Heaven Just Got a Whole Lot Arm-Hairier

We’ll miss you, Robin. Nanoo, nanoo.

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So, how was your day?

I knew I’d pay for saying that last week went by so fast, because this week is taking FOREVER. When will I learn? My day has been fine, though. I’ve been sticking with my fitness plan, and am starting to … Continue reading

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