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The Five Best Quotes From This Interview With Robin Thicke

Look, I am an asshole. As such, I get nothing but pure, cold-hearted joy from things like the rapid downfall of noted douchebag Robin Thicke. After releasing one hit single, poor little Robin lost his wife, released a widely-reviled and … Continue reading

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Wacky Waving Inflatable Tube Man Gets His Twerk On

I know they say sex sells, but this “performance” is causing a major outrage in the inflatable mascot community.

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Are You One of the 530 People in the UK Who Bought Robin Thicke’s New Album?

Life can be hard for those who dedicate themselves to creative pursuits. The constant fear of rejection, followed by the constant actual rejection. The sacrifices of time and money. And if one finds success and acclaim, the desperate need to maintain it, … Continue reading

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