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This Moose Is Our Generation’s John Connor

Our scarce apple supplies will be safe. Via Neatorama

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Rock Out

I wonder what nefarious plans they have with their robust necks? Via CNET

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Dance of Seduction

It’s like it sees into my soul. Via Geekologie

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Of Course The Next Step In Teaching Robots Stuff Is How To Feel Pain

Finally, this can be a reality…

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It’s One Of Those Mornings

To be fair, it’s your fault for letting a robot do your makeup. Via CNET

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Monster Community Pool – 11/19/2015

I almost forgot to call my mom on her birthday.  I’m a terrible person. Of course the CEO of Tinder is a good dude, duh The Tupac movie we all deserve “Give the gift of comfort, companionship, and joy” for … Continue reading

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Start The Day Off Right

At some point you just have to take care of things yourself. Via Tastefully Offensive

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I’m Not Entirely Sure This Robot Baby Will Help Prove Anything

A recent study at the University of California San Diego set out to validate research data implying that babies smile at specific times in order to get onlookers to smile back at them as long as possible.  Scientists tested this hypothesis … Continue reading

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Monster Community Pool – 8/18/2015

Be one with nature. The natural transition from satirical news. Something in the woods scarier than Bigfoot. It’s not a bike made of antique tuba parts, but it’ll do. Prepare yourself for the first few weeks of SNL. But not … Continue reading

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The Practical Applications of Robot Bartenders

How about a cold one with that egg sandwich? Via Robotics Trends

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