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Tourism for Weirdos: From Russia with Love

***Full disclaimer: I went on this trip two months ago but haven’t got around to posting this blog. SORRY.*** Remember the heady days of 2018? Oh, we thought we knew so much! I even remember posting a comment where I … Continue reading

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A Little Engine Trouble

Tell Daphne that I’m going to miss our 9:30 this morning. Via DPnF

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Monster Community Pool – 10/22/2015

How is it that I got more sleep last night than I have all week, yet I felt┬álike a zombie this morning? One day I will tire of these, but today is not that day. Aziz is back. A childhood … Continue reading

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Vampire Graves Are a Thing

The Smithsonian reports that archeologists have discovered a 13th century grave containing a skeleton with a stake through its heart. Villagers, (must have been villagers it’s always the villagers) in a fit of “anti-vampire hysteria,” rammed the stake through an … Continue reading

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Pringle Stack Ring is as Inspiring as it is Mouthwatering

On a Monday, we need all the inspiration we can get, and I don’t think I’m overstating things when I say that CrazyRussianHacker’s Pringle ring is the single most perfect testament to the potential of human achievement OF ALL TIME. … Continue reading

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Russian Hovercraft Technology

First responders really are our greatest heroes.

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